An Alexis Sanchez Transfer Also Raises Some Questions

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 03: Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal looks on during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea at Emirates Stadium on January 3, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images)

Heavily featured in rumors in the summer, an Alexis Sanchez transfer seems inevitable now. With sources saying the deal is very close to happening, Guardiola seems determined to get his man. It would be a reuniting of the two, as Guardiola previously managed Alexis at Barcelona. With the deal seeming closer and closer every day, here’s a deeper look at the potential signing on Alexis Sanchez.

Alexis Sanchez Transfer Works


There is no doubting Alexis Sanchez’s quality. He is one of the very best in his role and one of football’s elite. Able to play as both a wide player and a striker, Sanchez thrives in the final third of the pitch and is able to win games by himself by creating individual moments of magic.

Sanchez joined Arsenal in 2014 and has gathered an impressive 60 goals and 25 assists in 122 appearances. His goals-to-games ratio at Arsenal is very similar to his one at Barcelona (scoring 39 in 88) showing he can do it on different stages. Sanchez is simply one of the best players in the Premier League.

Would he succeed on the pitch?

Apart from his quality as a player, the most attractive thing about Sanchez is how he fits into the team. He has been playing in the Premier League for four years now and adapted himself to it very fast upon arrival. Sanchez has also played under Pep Guardiola before and therefore adapting to his football philosophy will not be hard.

Being able to play out wide on either side and through the middle gives City a lot more depth in the final third and, considering Manchester City are currently in four competitions, quality in depth is very important.


As reports have indicated, Manchester City is atop the world’s list of economic football powerhouses. The cost of the transfer, therefore, is certainly not enough to dissuade the club in the least.  When compared to the asking price he would have demanded in the summer, the paltry 20-30million he is rumoured to cost now is a pittance. The player looks set on leaving and only has six months left on his contract. Certainly, this needs to be seen as an incredible bargain for a Premier League proven player of this quality.

But Issues May Arise

Despite this, there are a few issues with how he fits in. Sanchez is 29 years old. This would be a bigger problem with his age if the price was high, and if he hadn’t played in a Guardiola system before. Still, while he’s certainly at the height of his career, for how much longer?

His anticipated immediate impact will bring about lofty expectations. If his presence isn’t so immediate, would pressure mount?

His quality is unquestionable, so he would be an obvious first selection. But who then will be left out? And will that player become disenchanted? Sergio Aguero has already seemed unhappy when left out of the squad in place of Gabriel Jesus, so bringing in a top-tier player like Sanchez would only mean more rotation especially when Jesus us healthy again.

This is worrisome in terms of developing top young players like Sane and Jesus as they need game time. If they aren’t getting it, will they opt so seek other pastures? If Sanchez is signed, the club owes it to Aguero who has done so much to be straight with him about his role in the future.


Apart from the few issues that could arise, this signing is a great bit of business for City and seems to be very close to happening. The price tag is very surprising for a player of Alexis’ quality and with him fitting into the side so well, it is exciting to think he could be a regular in the side as early as February.

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