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SHENZHEN, CHINA - AUGUST 02: Neymar Jr of Paris Saint-Germain looks on during a training session ahead of the French Trophy of Champions football match between Rennes and Paris Saint-Germain at Shenzhen Universiadg Sports Center stadium on August 2, 2019 in Shenzhen, China. (Photo by Zhe Ji/Getty Images)

With just three weeks left in the Transfer Window, the Neymar saga has once again taken centre stage. The Brazilian has been trying to force an exit from Paris St. Germain all summer.  It seemed like he wasn’t going to get his move away. However, the last few days have brought some interesting developments and reopened the possibility of his exit.

What Neymar Wants

Neymar has made it clear all summer that he wants to return to Barcelona. The Brazilian still has a great relationship with most of the squad. He wants to do what it takes to mend a relationship that ended with a pretty nasty break-up. But a move to Barcelona would be much more complex than it seems.

For starters, the money is a mess. Barcelona has basically maxed out their wage budget for the season. They needed the money from Malcom’s sale to Zenit St. Petersburg to pay for deputy left-back Junior Firpo. Barcelona has nothing close to €230 million valuations or €40+ million for his salary.

For those reasons, constructing a deal has become almost impossible. But there is still hope, reports in France have been suggesting all weekend that a deal could still be done.  The deal would have to be a swap with Barcelona sending at least Philippe Coutinho to Paris.

But he would not be the only on leaving Barca. The reports in France have said that PSG is looking for Coutinho, Nelson Semedo and around €50 million. Barca, to their credit, are not willing to include Semedo, but Ivan Raktitic, that’s another story. They would love to include him in the deal if PSG is willing to play ball. Of course, they don’t have to, and may still have a way out without dealing with Barca.

Real Madrid

That way out is of course Real Madrid. Madrid has been linked with a move for Neymar a bunch of times since he went to PSG. But now, for the first time, it feels like there are actual potential deals being reported. And ones that actually make sense for everyone!

According to a different French outlet, Real Madrid would need to put James Rodriguez and roughly €120 million to get a deal done. The French club is also interested in Isco or one of Madrid’s goalkeepers, Keylor Navas and Thibault Courtois. Madrid would be fine including James, but the other three might take some negotiating.

All-in-all this is far from the last twist in the Neymar transfer saga. Keep coming back to Last Word On Football for all the latest on the transfer window before it shuts.

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